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Quarterbörk & Football 'Waffle' to
Benefit 87 & Running: Empowering disadvantaged youths

Thanks for checking out my latest "waffle" (using sneaky terms to avoid any issues).


Here is all the info you need to enter!

I am waffling off three prizes (separately):

Prize 1: A full size Swedish Chef Quarterbork plush with doll stand and removable mask. Completely handmade, and absolutely one of a kind!

Prize 2: A Muppet Football--willing to add a team logo to the back upon request!

Prize 3: A handmade dual-pocketed Swedish Chef tote!

Winners will be chosen during a live video feed via Zoom -- Meeting ID: 794 4698 1285 -- Passcode: K6JMhs -- on Super Bowl Sunday, February 11, 2024 6:00 PM EST, half an hour before kick-off.

Waffle tickets are $5 apiece, and each counts as one entry for all the prizes.
Just so there's no confusion, for example, if you'd like to purchase 2 waffle tickets, send $10 with a note that says "Two waffle tickets." If you'd like 4 waffle tickets, send $20, etc.
To purchase, please send payment to either
Venmo: @ bxcustomsewn

When entering, PLEASE PROVIDE AN ACTIVE E-MAIL ADDRESS otherwise I won't be able to contact you if you win!

Proceeds will be going to benefit the Eighty-Seven & Running --helping underserved youth strive to become productive citizens by mentoring and motivating them to explore and develop their abilities while learning critical life skills.

Thanks so much and good luck!

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