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Crazy Harry & Lew Zealand Replica 'Waffle'!

Hi Muppet Fam! Thanks for checking out my latest "waffle" (using sneaky terms to avoid any issues).


Here is all the info you need to enter!

I am waffling off two prizes (separately)--A full-sized replica of Crazy Harry and Lew Zealand. Each are completely handmade and measure approximately 18" in height.

Winners will be chosen during a live video feed via my Twitter ( don't need an account to watch!)--on Saturday, November 12 at 7 PM EST.

Waffle tickets are $5 apiece for each replica--You must specify which waffle you are entering when purchasing tickets, Lew or Harry!
Just so there's no confusion, for example, if you'd like to purchase 2 waffle tickets for Lew and 3 for Harry, send $25 with a note that says "2 for Lew, 3 for Harry".
To purchase, please send payment to

When entering, PLEASE PROVIDE AN ACTIVE E-MAIL ADDRESS otherwise I won't be able to contact you if you win! Also remember to specify which replica you're looking to win!

All proceeds will be going to fund my useless landlord's demand for more rent.

Thanks so much and good luck!

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